About Me

Hi fellow golfers! I’m Jordan, a golf enthusiast with over 12-years experience, currently living in Hawaii. My main motivation is to share what I love by helping you find your inspiration and valuable golf tips on this blog, as well as updating you about all the latest hot golf clubs and lessons.

Living a life of a golfer is one of the best things that ever happened to me when I was seeking for a change, a new approach to recreation, and impeccable skills that transformed the way how I see the world.

My leading goal is to share golf experiences with all of you who need a motivation boost and friendly advice on how to improve your performance. Making golf one of my life’s priorities resulted in an extremely enjoyable, successful, and stress-free ongoing journey that all of you can achieve with a little bit of guidance. By having an honest approach and accepting challenges, I want to help you see that failure doesn’t exist when you love what you do.

When talking about me, I’m thinking about all of you who share my passion for the golf course.

However, playing golf is not all about success, and if you don’t become a champion – no drama. Learn the essence of the game, improve your skills day by day, and the most important, focus on enjoying and relaxing while improving.

Sharing useful tips, reviews, and lessons with a like-minded person like you is my top priority, and my greatest happiness would be to help you face the fact that you can achieve all the wanted results with the right drivers and consistent practice.

Golf is not just a game! Golf is a state of mind!