10 Best Irons For 20 Handicap: Use The Right Club Improve Your Score

If you wish to make your game better, then for that you will need to have the perfect tools with you. There are a lot of people all over the globe who play golf. Golfing requires the right choice of the irons if you wish to rock the game.

So many players, specifically the ones who are in the mid to high range of handicappers, they struggle with getting the landing and distance right. So, all such players need the golf clubs that are specially crafted to make the game better.

That's why we researched and reviewed some of the very best 20 handicapper irons that will surely improve your game.

So, if you are the one who's looking for the best irons for 20 handicap, then this article is just for you. Here, we are going to review some of the very best irons for you. Also, we will list down their features, pros, and cons.

Most of the mid-range handicappers often look for weight as the perimeter. The reason behind it is that it assists them to increase the striking zone along with offset hosel, it helps to straighten the ball flight.

So many mid-range handicappers waste their hours in practice to achieve great results that can bring a revolution to their scoreboards. But the reality hits differently, the shot drive as well as the ball hit must be the main focus of the golfers.

In this review, we are going to talk about some of the most amazing irons that are specially created for the 20 Handicaps.

In this guide, we will review the 10 Best Irons for 20 Handicap in 2020:

1. Srixon Z785 Irons
2. Mizuno MP20 Golf Iron
3. Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set
4. Mazel Single Length Irons Set
5. TaylorMade M4 Iron Set
6. Cobra King F8 One Length Iron Set
7. TaylorMade Golf 2018 P790 Iron
8. Wilson Staff D7 Irons
9. Callaway Golf Men's Rogue irons set
10. TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

Best Irons for 20 Handicap (2020)

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Irons set


Amazon Reveiw

Srixon Z785 Irons


Mizuno MP20 Golf Iron


Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set


Mazel Single Length Irons Set


TaylorMade M4 Iron Set


Cobra King F8 One Length Iron Set


TaylorMade Golf 2018 P790 Iron


Wilson Staff D7 Irons


Callaway Golf Men's Rogue irons set


TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron


Our Best Picks For 20 Handicappers

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

(Best Review)

  • It is high launching and more forgiving than its standard model.
  • Great for 20 Handicap
  • Best Review all over the internet

Srixon Z785 Irons

(Best Value)

  • It offers a good impact
  • It is convenient to hit out.
  • It covers a lot of distance.

Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Irons Set

  • Great distance performance
  • offers Seniors a combo selection for customer to choose

What is a good handicap?

There is no such definition of a good handicap of golf, but if you are in one digit, then you are right there. The experience you have is plenty.

If you lie somewhere between ten to fifteen range of handicaps, then you are above the average. Such handicaps are quite good.

All the rest of golfers from the fifteen to the end, for them it's all about experience and practice. Dedication and efforts are needed to be what they are

Guide For Calculating the Handicap score

Step 1: Change Actual Gross Scores to Adjusted Gross Scores

First things first, change all the actual gross scores to the adjusted gross scores. Make use of the Equitable stroke control of USGA to come at a gross adjusted score. ESC is used to adjust the whole scores of a single individual to a handicap. This is done to make handicaps that represent the playing ability of a golfer.

ESC enacts a large number of strokes which can be written for any hole. Moreover, the highest is rooted in the player's course handicap. Also, it is obtained and calculated like this:

  • When the course handicaps are nine or less than nine then the maximum score will be a double bogey.
  • If the course handicap lies between ten and nineteen then the maximum score will be seven.
  • If the course handicap lies between twenty and twenty-nine then the maximum score will be eight and so on.

An instance of downward adjustment might be useful. Let us suppose that a golfer with the course handicap of eighteen scores nine on the holes. Then, his nine will be adjusted downward to seven because the golfers who are in the range of ten to nineteen can have the highest score of seven on any of the given holes. Once you make all the adjustments to all the eighteen holes, then the sum of all these holes is the gross adjusted score.

Step 2: Calculate the Handicap Divergent for Every Single Score

The second step involves the calculation of a handicap divergent of every single score which will be considered in the calculation of the handicap index.

Moreover, the formula for calculating the handicap differential is:

Handicap Divergent/ Differential = (Gross adjusted score- the rating of course) × 113 ÷ Rating of the slope.

In other words, to calculate the Handicap differential, you need to subtract the course rating from the gross adjusted score and then multiply it by 113 and finally divide it by the rating of the slope.

Moreover, the course rating is a score that can be attained in a normal playing condition. And the slope rating 113 is the standard rate set by USGA.

When you get the answer, then round off the answer to the nearest tenth.

Step 3: Choose The Best Or Lowest, Handicap Divergents

The third step for calculating the Handicap index involves choosing the lowest differentials of handicap.

The list below is used to choose the lowest and best Handicap Divergents. In case, the scores turn out to be more than twenty then the ten best divergent are used to calculate.

  • If the number of handicap differentials is five or six, then its differentials equal the lowest one.
  • If the differentials used are seven or eight, then differentials will be the lowest two.
  • If the handicap differentials are twenty them the differentials will be ten.

The USGA only calculates the handicap when the scores are above five.

Step 4: Evaluate the Average of the lowest differentials of handicap

If the handicap scores are ten, then calculate the average for the best and lowest i.e., three different Handicaps. If there are fifteen handicap differentials, then the average for the lowest or six differentials is calculated.

Step 5: Multiply the Average Differentials by 0.96 or 96%

In the fifth step, you need to multiply the average of the differentials of handicap by zero points nine six or ninety-six percentage. 96% is the standard percent which is decided by the USGA.

Step 6: Delete or Truncate the numbers to the Tenth

The sixth step involves deleting the digits to the tenths. You don't need to round off to the nearest tenth.

According to USGA, the standard handicap index on the course of eighteen holes is thirty-six point four for the males and forty points four for the females.

Step 7: Calculate The Course Handicap

And here comes the very last step for calculating the index of handicap. But what is a handicap course? It is the number of strokes a golfer receives on every single course.

Calculate the course Handicap by doing the product of the handicap index by slope rating. They divide it by the standard rating that is 113. After that round off the answer to a whole number.

Course Handicap= Index multiplied by the quotient of the rating of slope course by 113.

Now, you have how the different pieces of a puzzle fit together to calculate the index of handicap and course handicap. You all have again refreshed and revised your memory on some of the terminologies for golf. It is quite clear that it requires just simple math to calculate the index. Just in case, you are still doubtful or wish to get more knowledge, then you can go to the site of USGA.

Example Of The Calculation Of Handicap

 Let us assume that the index is 12.5 and the slope of the home course is 120.

Then, course Handicap = Index multiplied by the slope of the home course and then divided by 113.

In other words, Course Handicap

= 12.5× 120&divide:113




For 9 Handicaps, you can calculate using the same formula by substituting the course rating from 18 to 9. Moreover, you don't need to change the slope because it stays the same for the 18-course rating as well as for 9.

Now you have seen the way all the different parts of the puzzle come and fit together to calculate the course handicap and handicap index. You are now fully refreshed on the terminology of the golf handicap. You must have noted that it's nothing but just some simple and basic maths.

In case you have any doubt or query then you can take the help of the USGA Handicap guide which is available on their official website.

 How to make your handicap better?

Now you know about your handicap and you wish to make it better but not quite aware of what exactly to do? Don't worry, we have listed down some of the tips to make your handicap better.

  •  Work on your swing-

First things first, work on your swing by practicing. In case you are looking for professional guidance, then you can take some golf lessons.

  • Make sure that your equipment is perfect-

Poor equipment quality will not only affect the game but it can also lead to several injuries in the human.

  • Push yourself

Always work at making yourself better.

Top 10 Best Irons For 20 Handicaps

1. Srixon Z785 Irons


  • It is an exceptional iron for the longer shots.
  • The distance and control of the iron stay consistent.
  • The feel of iron is soft and the feedback is decent.
  • These irons are mostly preferred and loved for their workability.


  • Forgiveness could be better.
  • The hits are too sweet, they can travel further.

While searching for the best iron for the handicappers, the choices and requirements of every person differently. But I, you and we all try our best to find out the perfect iron that can fulfill all the requirements.

So, while searching for one such iron, we came across Srixon Z785 irons, these are one of the best irons available in the market.

These irons may not be on your radar, but they must be. The main motive of this range is towards the mid handicappers who prefer forgiveness and shot shaping in a single package. The best part about these is, they will last even as low handicappers.

Srixon is one of those brands which is preferred by so many top and popular strikers and golfers. This can be an ideal beginning point for you. The clubs of the iron look great and they feature a compact build and give two-tone looks.

Moreover, the iron is largely constructed using shiny chrome but some parts of the iron give a matte finish. The matte finish helps in enhancing the performance and appearance both.

In terms of sound and feel, Srixon is really good because as you move, it makes a good sound.

Most importantly, if you are one of those golfers who love the feedback, then you will get a lot of them through your hands. Overall, the sound and feel of the iron are way too awesome.

Moreover, while hitting the sweet spot, the feel of the iron isn't the only likable thing, there is a lot more to it. The distance covered by the iron is also exceptional and even you're more likely to go a few yards extra.

In terms of forgiveness, there can be nothing better and more forgiving than this. With the help of its forgiveness, the hits are not at all punishing.

Being the one who has just started, you may find some difficulties in the workability of the iron but you can never find any difficulty with this iron.

The Srixon Z785 is simple and offers plenty of versatility. Eventually, playing various shots with Srixon Z785 irons is pretty simple and easy.

Srixon Z785 is the best for you if you are looking for an iron that gives a consistent performance, offers forgiveness, then you must purchase this iron. It is the most convenient iron to hit.

To conclude, VT Tour Sole, Forged Construction, Tour Cavity, and the speed groove, these all make it super easy to give the shots in whichever way you like.

2. Mizuno MP20 Golf Iron


  • The feel of the iron is exceptional and most probably the best.
  • It comes with tapered flow technology, which makes it super easy to control the ball
  • The workability and distance of the iron are manageable.
  • The looks are catchy and the build of iron is compact.
  • It is great for the pro players and elite golfers.


  • The blade is not so forgiving.
  • The matte finish gives a classic look but it will wear off after some time.

When it comes to irons and golf equipment, Mizuno keeps launching new and upgraded equipment. This time it came with some of the most amazing iron sets and MP20 is one among them.

It is perfect for the mid handicappers and the high handicappers too. Also, it is preferred by the elite players because of the performance and feel of the Mizuno MP20.

The golf club comes with a super slim topline such that it looks like it doesn't have an offset. The logo at the back of the iron adds up to its look and the chrome finishing provides a classic appearance to the iron.

Moreover, if we talk about its softness, then it's way too soft and offers satisfaction at every shot. The softness is the unique point of M20 and that's where it beats all the other irons from the list of 20 handicappers.

There are many examples of this when a hit is missed and the club doesn't sting your hands. Nonetheless, you will feel a different impact which will tell you that you have missed a sweet spot.

In addition to this, Mizuno MP 20 comes with the latest flow tapered blades technology. It points towards the smarter placement of the center of gravity and it is quite low in the longer irons, this way it allows you to launch the ball quickly and easily.

In the short irons, the core of gravity is comparatively high, that is why it makes the controlling of the ball super easy.

Nonetheless, one noticeable point in iron is the absence of forgiveness. Due to this, it becomes hard for the people to handle who misses hitting on the sweet spot.

Overall, the MP 20 range of Mizuno offers everything that you expect and even more. This iron isn't for the faint-hearted golfers.

Even it's one of the best iron that you can purchase. But before buying you need to be careful with the ball striking to feel the advantages of the consistency and distance that it provides.

This model is preferred by most of the people. Whereas because of its overall playability, some low handicaps will simply go.

3. Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set


  • For longer irons, it offers a shallow angle, and for the shorter ones, it offers a steeper angle.
  • The face cup technology is improved to give the best results.
  • It delivers the best value for your money.
  • The core of the gravity is adjusted to stay near the center of the face to give a better impact.
  • The feel balancing offers the crisp sound and solid feel as you hit the ball.


  • Much larger sets are also available.
  • A matte finish can make the scratches visible.

Here comes the third-best iron on our list, it is Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set.

These irons are most famous for the high and top quality wedges created for the mid handicappers and low handicappers. But most specifically, Cleveland has launched the irons that entirely aim at the mid handicapper to boost the distance and at the same time offer extra forgiveness.

The Launcher HB irons offer the best by making it convenient to have more control over the short clubs and by making it convenient to hit the long irons. Several features help to make the Cleveland Launcher HB one of the best handicappers.

The sole of the iron is V-shaped and it adjusts the angle easily and perfectly. In the former irons of the family, they offered a shallow angle but now it's different.

According to the brand, the irons are constructed to offer maximum spin and to help the golfers in getting consistent distance. This feature will help all those people who find it difficult to control.

Moreover, to give thinner iron, better materials, and updated technology are used, also the cup face technology became much better than before. What else will a person want? The golf iron has a great hitting power not only at the center but also at the face.

Another noticeable improvement that is seen in the iron is its feel balance. It doesn't only make the feel and sound better on every shot but also it improves the distance. It assists in bringing the core of gravity besides the clubface and also it adds to the speed of the ball.

Learn more here: Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set Review

4. Mazel Single Length Irons Set


  • It offers better performance as well as accuracy.
  • It offers a big sweet spot.
  • It comes with nine pieces that can be used at any level.
  • The iron is affordable.


  • The sound of the mazel iron set is a bit harsh.
  • Also, another reason why it's not preferred by many is because of its forgiveness.

When it comes to choosing a beginner's golf, then Mazel Single Length Irons Set is most preferred. Also, the price of iron is not much.

This iron set can be suited for any level, all thanks to the shaft which is made of a hundred percent graphite. It offers a consistent feel and swing for every single shot.

Also, by using this iron, you can make your performance better than before. Also, it comes in both the orientation right as well as left.

Moreover, this iron is made of stainless steel and it is ideal for the wide distance shots. In addition to this, they offer a lot of accuracy, all this is just because of the huge sweet spot on the clubhead.

The most important reason why this set is recommended to the beginners of golf is that it comes with a total of nine pieces, which include four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, AW, PW, and SW. These let you make your game better.

Mazel's topmost features include improved accuracy, a big sweet spot, and high performance. Also, the gravity center makes the launch easy and the nine irons are super easy to hit.

Most importantly, the irons are super easy to use, all thanks to the gravity center. In case you are interested in covering the long distances then it's brilliant.

An amazing swing is also offered by the shaft which is designed especially using graphite. You know what, this is the topmost choice of every golf player. This is most suitable for all the golf beginners who are wanting to improve accuracy.

These clubs let golfers practice drills, all thanks to the rubber grip which offers high performance. It is affordable too and comes with nine specially designed blades.

According to the price of this iron set, it is of good quality and especially it includes nine pieces. It's worth the amount you'll spend on them.

Moreover, if you are new to the game of golf and you're looking for cheap equipment for learning, then buy this! The durability of the irons is also okay, they can last as long as you'll learn.

Learn More Here: MAZEL Single Length Irons Set 4-SW 9 Pieces Review

5. TaylorMade M4 Iron Set


  • It gives a sweet and crisp sound at a slight contact.
  • On the bottom the lofts are imprinted, they hell in buying the appropriate wedges and hybrids.


  • It is way too costly for beginners.
  • It doesn't bode nicely.

Moving on to the next best top iron for 20 handicappers and that is the latest TaylorMade M4 iron set. It is a success over the M2 design of the TaylorMade family. Also, it is sleek, sleeker than M2.

The design of the club is the reason a lot of people prefer it. It is super easy to launch the ball and then to move it further towards the target. The sweet spot is quite large which makes it difficult to differentiate between the mishits and good hits.

The iron is fully equipped with a lot of features using them the handicapper can keep the ball low as well as straight. The iron provides the experience of golfing which can extremely enhance the capability of the golfers with a 20 handicap.

Another technology is used in making it and it's RIBCOR technology. The reason behind the increase in distance is just the same. Also, it makes the launch angle stable for higher and softer entry shots, with the maximum forgiveness to lessen the spin.

On the other side, stay prepared to lose some distance and deviation. But most likely, you will not find yourself right or left of the greenside bunkers but closer to the easy chips.

With the help of long irons, more distance and forgiveness is achieved on the center strikes and mishits. This is because of a deep cavity with a small channel at the back of the face.

The lofts of the iron set include a powerful punch, yes they are much stronger than you think. By using more upright lofts, you can easily increase the distance.

Learn More Here: TaylorMade M4 Iron Set Review

6. Cobra King F8 One Length Iron Set


  • It is specifically designed to cover great distances.
  • It offers brilliant accuracy.
  • The carbon technology is used which lessens the sound.
  • It offers great control over the spinning of the golf ball.
  • Also, it offers an electric monitoring system.
  • It's worth the money you'll spend on it.


  • Most of the traditions can find it difficult to play with them.
  • They are a bit tough to handle.

The next best iron that we have reviewed is the cobra king F8 one length iron set. It is the most unique as well as the greatest iron that you will get to use.

The iron is made by using carbon technology for the very first time. The carbon fiber that supports the thin face is light in weight and it offers a good feel and sound.

Moreover, the Cobra King F8 is targeted at a range of the abilities searching increased all-round performance and the choice of a more biased flight. Whereas the F8 will be best for the fast swing speed and the lower handicappers range because of its launch setting and low spin.

If we talk about the technology used, then it is CNC titanium technology. It produces more stable roll and bulge properties for better accuracy and distance.

In terms of looks, it's so good!! The shape of the iron is traditional and that's why it builds up confidence.

The contrast between the nardo grey crown and black face highlights the angle of alignment of the face. On the other hand, the 360-degree polymer trips make the clubhead busy looking.

If we talk about forgiveness, which is the most important factor of consideration, then it's just superb. In Cobra F8, the forgiveness is quite stable and much faster, most especially on the off-center hits. It is way better than all the previous cobra irons.

The Cobra F8 is a launching driver that stays high, it is suitable for the medium to slow speeds of swing. The spin levels of the iron are extremely low, that means the ball would not climb higher.

It is made by using the combination of progressive set TECFLO technology and construction technology. The purpose behind this is to make the best and progressive irons. Also, they deliver high performance all over the set.

Overall, it's an amazing and latest irons that one can get in the market.

Learn More Here: Cobra King F8 One Length Iron Set Review

7. TaylorMade Golf 2018 P790 Iron


  • It offers a long travel distance with the help of speed foam technology.
  • To give the better speed of the ball, it comes with a thin face.
  • For the appropriate center of gravity, it comes with tungsten weighing.
  • Most importantly, iron offers higher levels of inertia.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It works best when used by the pro players.

The TaylorMade golf stands amongst the irons that come with the SpeedForm Technology. If offered a hollow clubhead along with a speed foam, it assists in keeping the blades strong and thin. With the expansion of speed foam to fill the cavity of the club, the speed, and sound of the ball increase.

Another significant feature of the iron that makes it suitable for the mid and high handicappers is its tungsten weighing. It helps to adjust the core of gravity of the iron and also it adds up to the forgiveness of your golf club.

With high positioning for the greater performance, you end up with a highly forgiving iron and that is P790.

Also, it offers a speed pocket, and with it comes a decent and flexible sole. It helps in enhancing the distance. You don't need to worry about the low hit because, even if you'll hit slowly, then too it will cover a decent distance.

Moreover, the improvements in the technology come from the face which is seven percent thinner, and the injection of speed foam in the head. This will help in increasing the speed of the ball and also it will make the feel on both sides, solid strikes as well as off-center better.

In addition to this, the P790 iron clubs are very solid. Also, it comes with a very effective and outstanding Inverted cone technology.

Overall, the TaylorMade P970 offers an appealing and cleaner look. Also, it provides more speed of the ball as well as distance. Also, it feels iron like and is preferred by most senior and serious golfers.

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TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Review

8. Wilson Staff D7 Irons


  • The club is super fast and extra forgiving.
  • It is most suitable for all those golfers with slow swings because the extra power holes offer increased travel.
  • It is a perfect club for adding the distance to your hits without ever compromising on the trajectory.
  • The sound of the club is crisp and it gives a soft feel.


  • The backward region of the sole is noticeable beyond the topline.
  • It gives a low spin and can be trouble for stopping the power.

Are you the one who's looking to improve your games? If so, then you must consider having a glance at the most famous iron known as Wilson Staff D7. This is the perfect choice for you if you wish to improve your performance in the game of golf.

This club comes with a matte finish and a clean topline. Moreover, it is complemented by the simple and clean badging. To a golfer, the feel and sound of the golf club matter, and this club satisfies all the demands of the player. The sound of the club is crisp and the feel is soft, as soon as you'll shoot the ball in the air, you'll get a soft feel.

If we talk about its performance, then it is phenomenal. It comes from the power holes of the golf club. There are a total of three rows of these power holes, they are paired with a thin face. The thin face offers the ball a great trajectory and distance as well.

When a golfer increases the loft, it eliminates the role of power holes by putting so many holes out of the games and thus it gives you much control over the distance.

In addition to this, the RE-AKT Technology is used in the making of these irons. It mainly focuses on offering larger travel along with improved forgiveness.

There was a problem with the previous irons of the Wilson family and that was adjustability. But now, that's not a problem anymore, all thanks to the new and upgraded hosel. The problem that was there is now solved and you can easily adjust the clubface now.

The Wilson D7 looks so aesthetic and offers higher levels of forgiveness. It is paired with rows of more power holes for covering the larger distance. These all functions and features combine and make it the perfect iron for golfers.

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Wilson Staff D7 Irons Review

9. Callaway Golf Men's Rogue irons set


  • It offers great value for the money.
  • The irons are longer in comparison with the other models available in the market.
  • The best thing about it is that it offers extra forgiveness.
  • For controlling the CG, Tungsten is better than steel.It comes with a face cup of 360 degrees with variable thickness.


  • Even though it is improved, it is still not that good.
  • The feel of the club is a bit harsh.

Here comes the last second golf club of our list that is Callaway Golf Men's Rogue irons set. It is ideal for all those golf players who lie in the mid handicappers to high range handicappers category. For them, it is very significant to select an iron that can assist them in lifting their game.

Moreover, the Callaway Rogue comes with so many features that can help you in making your score better. Also, it comes with face cup 360 with the variable thickness of face, which is critical for the higher speed of travel.

In addition to this, it features a flexible and shallow rim on the face cup that curves at the impact. Also, the release offers you a higher distance of travel.

The most helpful feature of these irons is the MIM's Internal standing waves. It offers more control over the ball flights.

Furthermore, it features tungsten weighting that comes for positioning the core of gravity in the long irons. One can easily adjust it for every loft to ensure that the ball goes exactly at the place where it needs to go.

There is a problem with thinner irons which deliver the high speed is the vibration. Eventually, it harms the feel and sound of the iron.

Nevertheless, the Callaway cares for it with the assistance of the microsphere technology, it creates small air pockets and they are of urethane material. So basically, it decreases the vibration and offers you an improved feel.

Learn More Here: Callaway Rogue Iron Set Review

10. TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron


  • With the help of its smart design, you can make your mishits rightTo increase the ball travel, the speed pockets are redesigned.
  • The core of the gravity is low along with a larger sweet spot.It is highly forgiving if you hit off the center.
  • It offers a crisp sound and the feel of the club is solid.


  • It is a bit too expensive.
  • It gives mishit corrections that are not preferred by the low handicappers.

The very last and best iron on our list is TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron. The patterns of the game of golf are constantly changing at a huge scale. Also, the people are trying hard to innovate the shots and hits with the technology.

If you wish to integrate technology in the games to invite innovation, then you can do this with the help of this iron set. With the help of the technology called speed bridge, your dreams can come true.

Moreover, if you lie in the mid handicapper to high handicapper, or somewhere between 10 to 20, then you must consider having a glance at the M6 TaylorMade irons.

The M6 offers M5 an update and comes with the modern-day technology inside the aesthetic looking club.

In addition to this, the feel and sound of the golf club is the result of speed bridge technology. It connects the back bar and the topline. Also, it assists in increasing the toughness of your golf iron.

Besides, the repositioning of the core of gravity is done with the help of a fluted hosel and an undercut of 360 degrees. Thus it offers a huge sweet spot as you plan your next shoot.

Additionally, it is designed for the mid handicappers and the high handicappers and its goal is to increase the distance of the ball. And for that, you get a thin face that can differ its thickness with the assistance of ICT or Inverted cone technology.

If we consider its face, better swing, higher forgiveness, the reduced core of gravity, then you can easily shoot the ball at a long distance with so few chances of a mishit.

The other thing that increases the speed of the ball is its speed pocket which is redesigned. The face of M6 is flexible and as soon as you shoot the ball, the spin enhances the travel.

Most of the players miss their hits at the lower end of the clubface and that's the place where you need speed protection the most. For that reason, the face spin guards the shot and offers the maximum protection for the ball speed.

Irons set


Amazon Reveiw

Srixon Z785 Irons


Mizuno MP20 Golf Iron


Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set


Mazel Single Length Irons Set


TaylorMade M4 Iron Set


Cobra King F8 One Length Iron Set


TaylorMade Golf 2018 P790 Iron


Wilson Staff D7 Irons


Callaway Golf Men's Rogue irons set


TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron


How to choose the best Irons for 20 handicappers?

Now you must be wondering how to select the best iron from several handicappers available in the market and what makes a handicapper different from the others? Do not worry, we are going to discuss how you can select the best irons.

Whenever you are choosing iron, many factors must be considered. These are as follows:

Design of the Irons

The irons offer two primary styles that are the muscle back and cavity blade. The cavity blade has a hollow space and a cavity which starts from the back of the clubhead. On the contrary, the muscle back style is filled on both sides.

If you are mid handicapper or a high handicapper, then you must look for the cavity back style. This style offers maximum forgiveness and the reason behind this is perimeter weighting. Nevertheless, it may compromise with the performance that is normally better for the muscle back clubs.


The second thing that you must consider is the shaft. It is so important when there is anything about the impact and feeling. So many people generally connect it with the sound and feel. However, these two play a major role when it comes to ball speed and impact.

For all those handicappers who look for a faster speed of swing, for them the graphite shafts are perfect. They are light in weight and are perfect for the more fast swings. But the balancing becomes a bit tough with it.

On the contrary, Individuals who look for balance and who can handle high weights can choose steel shafts. These shafts offer more control.


Almost all the people consider flex like a part of the shaft. It should suit your game and you should choose a shaft that has the perfect flexing. Moreover, when you choose a shaft that is too tough then there are chances of loss of distance of travel and the compromise on the flight.

But if the shaft flexes too much, then it will also expand the ball that will lead to the loss of travel.


Forgiveness is the most important factor while selecting an iron for yourself. Moreover, it is so necessary if you lie somewhere in the mid handicap range to a high handicap range. People who are 20 handicap means that they find it difficult to find a sweet spot.

That is why you require an iron that offers high forgiveness and can also deal with the mishits without ever compromising on the travel.

We have listed down the ten best irons for handicappers in this article and almost all of them offer extra forgiveness and are ideal for all the golfers who face difficulties in finding the clubface's center.


The workability matters the most!! Every shot cannot come from the point which is favorite and even you should not expect that. For that reason, you need to control all the various clubs and ensure that you have all the irons that will let you play.

Besides, the individuals who focus on maximum forgiveness end up compromising with the workability. On the opposite side, the irons that offer outstanding workability are very tough to handle.

That is why you must find a place somewhere between the two. So that you can stay comfortable without even compromising the performance.

Final Words

So here comes the end! We have thoroughly researched and reviewed some of the very best irons for twenty handicappers. These all are best in one way or the other.

We all know that the requirements and needs of every person differ when it comes to choosing an iron. That is why there are a lot of different varieties of clubs available in the market. Every club addresses the needs of someone or the other.

So, what are you waiting for now? We are done from our side and now it's your turn! Select the best top iron according to your preferences and enjoy your golf by giving higher performances.

Did we leave any? If so, then please let us know.

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