Callaway Big Bertha Golf Iron Set 2019 Review

The Big Bertha Iron Set from this year is one of the priciest on the market, but there is no doubt that this set is worth every single penny, especially if you’re looking for game improvement.

All golf beginners who are serious about this sport should consider getting a top-quality iron set with durable nature and excellent performance.

Key Features

You can choose between stiff, senior and regular flex

Option to change long irons for hybrids that are more adjustable

Select your iron configuration

Right and left orientation

360-degree Face Cup Technology


Big Bertha Iron Set is one of the favorites among the players who are looking for achieving more distance as these irons are among the easiest to hit.

The 360 Face Cup Technology is actually a rim that boosts the ball speed, and together with the hollow construction, it creates consistent distance and impact sound that we’re all looking for.

The CG of these irons is deep which provides high launch and optimizes the efforts of golf newbies.

The Callaway 2019 irons have weaker lofts than the previous series. The game will improve significantly with this champ equipment.

The Big Bertha Iron Set is an obvious proof of how far the advanced technology has come. Thanks to this set, you can enjoy maximum playability and completely new golfing experience.


This iron set is designed to be extremely forgiving, which is one of the main reasons why we recommend it to golf beginners.

By pushing the boundaries of the advanced technology, Callaway 2019 set stands out from the crowd.

It works in a way that the tungsten floating weight is MIM’d (Metal Injection Molded), which improves the speed and the forgiveness of the Face Cup.


The suspended energy core is using urethane microspheres. These irons have improved the distance which makes them popular among a lot of golfers.

The flexible rim around the face cup provides increases ball speed, higher launch, and long distance. The long irons from this set allow players to reach outrages long-distance shots like never before.

The lighter and forgiving irons design increased the accuracy of the swing. The SEC is the main motor that makes these irons something that we all wished for.


The impeccable technology gives progressive results. There is no space to make comments on the quality of this set. The Big Bertha Iron Set is a true gem among golf irons, and if you care for your results on the course, then don’t hesitate before choosing what’s the best for you and your game.

Golf is more than an ordinary sport or recreational activity. Golf is a way of living and overall wellbeing, and if you want to maintain it on a high level, you need to choose the best quality.

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Big Bertha Irons Set


  • Excellent Carbon fiber design
  • Great balanced steel head
  • Extremely Lightweight and durable nature
  • Straighten and long shots performance 


  • The head has a triangular shape that doesn’t fit all golfers

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