Callaway Mavrik Iron Review: Is It The BEST Iron in 2021?

While golf certainly is an interesting and exciting sport, it also can be extremely challenging and intimidating for beginners or even those only with a few years of experience. Learning the various aspects of the game is in itself a big challenge.

Additionally, choosing the right golf kits is also something that could be quite a big challenge. One needs to have the right information and knowledge when it comes to selecting the right golf club or iron as it also is called in some parlances.

There are dozens of makes and models of golf clubs. While some are made basically for men, there are others that are considered to be suitable for women. There is no doubt that the golf club is the most important accessory for any golf player, whether it is a man or woman.

Choosing the right golf club requires quite a bit of knowledge and information. In this article, we will be briefly looking at a few points to be kept in mind while choosing a golf club.

However, the major focus will be on a particular model from Callaway. There is no doubt that Callaway has a big name and reputation as far as manufacturing and marketing of quality golf clubs are concerned.

In this article, we will be going through a complete, comprehensive and impassioned and impartial review of Callaway Mavrik Iron. This has created quite a bit of excitement amongst many players and therefore it would make interesting reading to

have a closer look at the various features and functionalities of this particular model. Let us get started by understanding a few things to be kept in mind while choosing a golf club.


Callaway Mavrik Iron Overview

Callaway Mavrik Max Iron


  • Great distance carry with Callaway’s latest technologies.
  • Wide sole with low and back CG for an easier lift.
  • Custom tungsten-infused weights for more improved CG positioning for extra forgiveness and easier lift.
  • Looks great with a blade-style look for a super game-improvement iron.
  • Great spin for extra workability.


The length of a golf club is important and it is mostly dependent on the height of the players and also by the size of the shaft. The longer the shaft size, the more the distance of the ball will be from the hands of the player. Hence, always look for the right length of Iron or Club so that you are able to make the best use of it. Please bear in mind that women and men have to choose different lengths as far as the shaft of the golf clubs are concerned.



If you are a beginner, learning the first lessons in golfing, then make sure that it would be advisable to look for a golf club that has a higher face lift. Loft is important because it is the angle as far as the club face is concerned. It also could impact the distance and trajectory of the golf club.



The swing speed also has a big role to play and that is what will be able to determine the ideal weight of the head of the golf club. If you are a golfer with a swing that is faster compared to others, it would be advisable for you to go for a golf club that offers a faster swing speed. In other words, such players should go in for a club that comes with a heavier head. This will allow better swing and better distance creation. Look for heads that are made from hybrids or fairway woods.

The above may have given the readers a reasonably good idea about some basic points to be kept in mind while choosing a good golf club. Let us now straightaway get into the review of Callaway Mavrik Iron.

Main Features of Callaway Mavrik Iron

There are some unique features that make this particular brand of club different from the others. Let us have a look at the main features.

  • It is made from the best quality graphite material.
  • The shaft material is also of graphite and therefore quite strong and durable.
  • It is perhaps for the first time that artificial intelligence has been used for making golf clubs. This may help in enhancing ball speed.
  • It also comes with a unique 360 Face Cup. This has the capability of flexing and releasing the ball on impact. This helps in better control of distance, velocity and other such attributes.
  • The manufacturers also have created a unique face architecture. This helps create uniqueness as far as every loft is concerned. This also can help the players to get quite a bit of boost as far as the speed of the ball, and more importantly the spin robustness for each and every shot.
  • Further, each iron comes with perfectly-designed and intelligently thought out weights that are infused with tungsten. This helps in locating the position of the center of gravity for each club. This can be with top class precision without compromising on the ball speed under any circumstances.
  • All these go a long way in providing the best possible launch and the ball flight is also amazingly stable and controllable.
  • You also can expect to have an unprecedented touch and feel. This has been made possible because the manufacturers have implemented unique and classy urethane microspheres.

These are patented and they help quite a bit in absorbing vibration that is unwanted and jarring. This goes a long way in enhancing that pure and unadulterated feel. At the same time, it may also be quite helpful in maximizing the COR (coefficient of restitution). In other words, it has the perfect balance between energy loss and energy retention when the golf ball collides with this particular golf club.

  • It comes in three different models and therefore the end-users can choose the one that meets their needs and requirements. The three models are Mavrik Standard, Mavrik Max and lastly Mavrik Pro. 
  • The first helps those who want balls to travel and lightning speed on contact. The Max variant could be helpful for those who are looking for the right CG and could help those who are keen on getting an easy launch coupled with forgiveness.
  • They are also good to look at and the ergonomics are quite impressive. The three different models have different weights and therefore customers are free to choose the one that is in line with their specific needs and requirements.
  • On the whole, there are reasons to believe that it is a good buy.


A Few More Specific Attributes worth Looking At


Compared to the earlier versions including Mavrik Pro, there are reasons to believe that Mavrik Iron comes with a much larger and bigger footprint. The features are squarer and the toe is higher.

Though there has been a slight offset when compared to other models, this was expected because of the overall higher footprint.


The iron is solid and the sound of the ball hitting the golf club is quite impressive. It compares favorably with a few other models not only of competitors but also of Mavrik.

This is perhaps of the new and unique urethane microspheres that has recently been introduced by Callaway as a patented and trademark addition to its golf clubs.

This technology could certainly help in reducing and even dampening the impact when the ball hits the golf club. However, the end users should be aware of the fact that the sound and feel is obviously quite a bit different when compared to Mavrik Pro. The larger size of the head could also be the reason for this.


Yes, there is no doubt that consistency is a very important point to be kept in mind while evaluating. 

Hence, it would be interesting to have a closer look at the Callaway Mavrik Iron as far as consistency is concerned. The speed and power of long hits have always been a problem for even experienced golfers.

However, there are reasons to believe that this golf club has remarkable consistency. It offers a decent speed of around 104 mph and it also is capable of touching a spin of around 6000 rpm. It also can reach a height of around 32 yards and this certainly is not only exciting but also highly impressive and praiseworthy. 

Not many clubs will perhaps be able to offer the best combination of speed, consistency, control and spin.

Hence when we take into account the main features of the this golf club and also after factoring the overall additional factors such as look and feel, consistency and other such things, it is quite obvious that the Callaway Mavrik Iron is a good buy and it is suitable for beginners and also for those who are reasonably well versed in the various ups and downs of competitive golfing.

It allows the users to adjust the speed, distance and velocity of their shots taking into account the size of the golf ground, the condition of the ground, moisture and other such factors.

Benefits of Callaway Mavrik Club

Let us now try and have a look at the various possible advantages and benefits of choosing the Callaway Mavrik Iron

  • Solid construction.
  • The graphite material is durable, strong and long lasting.
  • The design is a perfect combination of look, feel and performance.
  • The new trademarked urethane microspheres is something that sets this golf club apart from the rest of the crowd. The overall pleasure of hitting the ball hard across long distances is enhanced quite a bit because of this new feature.
  • The distance that is gained because of the new technology, design and material features are also quite impressive and have made a big difference when compared to other such machines that are available in the market.
  • The forgiving part of the golf club is also a positive takeaway.
  • The head orientation is perfect and this again is a reason why many end-users have started preferring it over other such products in the market.
  • If you are looking for a performing club with the right sound and feel, this could be one of the best choices that is available in the market today.
  • It also comes with big heads and the heads have been intelligently thought out and designed.
  • The chrome heads are also quite different and offer better hitting and playing comfort across different types of surfaces.
  • Many players will also love the high spin and this goes a long way in making it one of the most versatile golf clubs, in its price range, as far as the market is concerned.
  • There are many players who often are known to struggle with the impact that happens when the ball meets the golf club. However, this problem seemingly has been addressed quite adequately as far as this make and model is concerned.
  • The product delivery and dispatch is quite impressive and fast and in most cases the delivery happens within two days when it is purchased from online sources.
  • The usual warranty and guarantee terms and conditions are available that is a part of any Callaway product that one buys from the marketplace.
  • On the whole, it certainly is a great product and though there are some shortcomings like lesser forgiveness when compared to previous models of Mavrik, customers do feel that it offers them very good value for money.
  • The chrome head also has a tendency to mark too easily and this is a problem that needs to be addressed, though it is a minor and rather insignificant issue.
  • The overall weight of the shaft is 95 grams and this is quite reasonably considering the power that it packs with every hit, near or far.


Final Words

There is no doubt that reviewing a product that is so unique, versatile and different as Callaway Mavrik Iron is not easy. There are many factors and issues that need to be considered. It also needs to be compared not only with other brands of competitors but also comparison needs to be done with previous models of Mavrik.

But when we complete the review in the right earnest, there are a few things that fall in place. This particular model of Golf Club from Callaway Mavrik has some obvious and worth-mentioning takeaways.

For example, the graphite material that is used to make the shaft is of the highest quality and makes it strong, durable, and at the same time not very heavy. Further, many users are impressed with the patented urethane microsphere technology that has been used perhaps for the first time in any golf club in the world.

This technology, while increasing the capacity of the end users to hit long distances quite powerfully, also has the liberty of controlling the speed, direction, velocity. The spin control facilities that are available in this model is also comparable to the best in the industry. On the whole, it certainly is a good buy.

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