Callaway Rogue Iron Set Review

There is no doubt that Callaway Rogue iron set is one of the most wanted on the market, and there are plenty of factors that make this set attractive to all level golfers.

Golf beginners are the ones who are especially happy for this improved version of irons by the same company, and the game improvement provided by this set is an inevitable thing.

Callaway Rogue iron set is an innovative product that will help you become better golfer than you could’ve imagined.

Key Features

  • VFT for more speed of the ball
  • 360 Face Cup
  • Urethane Microspheres
  • Tungsten-shaped part on the head that allows easier control of the center of gravity


Thanks to the VFT and the 360 Face Cup technology, every golf novice can find an ally in Callaway Rogue iron set.

The Variable Face Technology is enhancing the speed of the ball, which on the other hand, can significantly improve your game. The ball speed is also increased thanks to the Face Cup shallow rim that has the ability to flex and release at impact, which gives the golf ball amazing speed.

The Tungsten Weighting is present on every iron from this set, and it allows precise launch, optimum strike, and control of the lofts.

Controlling the CG location is easier than ever, thanks to the tungsten that’s twice as heavy as steel.


  • Incredible low spin
  • Outstanding distance 
  • Easy to hit
  • Balanced swing perfect for beginner golfers
  • Excellent price


  • The harsh sound on the impact is still present in these set of irons despite the modern technology implemented in the design


The center of gravity for every single Rogue iron is specially made and positioned.

The advanced technology used to create this iron is not only lowering the vibration and the feel on impact, but it also offers optimum launch which further one improves the game of any-level golf player.

Callaway Rogue is designed to deliver extraordinary launch and speed which is found as extremely useful in the practice drills.


The clubface has upside responsible for the distance and the speed, and a downside generates vibration that causes harsh feel and sound.

Urethane is used to decrease the vibration and lower the harsh sound, but it can also compromise the ball distance and speed.

Well, with the Urethane Microsphere technology that Callaway Rogue iron set offers, the sound and the feel will improve, but so will the distance and the speed.

Golf beginners who wish to achieve more distance and improve their swing will be pleased with the boosted reach provided by 360 Face Cup Technology.

Also, more distance is achieved due to the VTF technology used to expand the spot on the face responsible for fastballs.


Rogue Iron Set is one of the finest on the market, it has a durable nature, and it can satisfy the needs of any golf player.

These irons are made out of top-quality materials by using progressive technologies with one goal – to improve the performative value of the irons. 

Golf beginners will find joy and
satisfaction on the golf course while using these extraordinary irons created for winners.