Callaway XR 16 Driver Review: Is It the BEST Driver in 2021?

Getting a good driver will always make sure that you hit the ball far and straight without worries. The Callaway XR 16 driver is one of the models that are said to provide an amazing, proper golf swing without worries.

This model is among some of the most popular ones on the market right now and it will impress you with its great value and consistency.

On top of that, it’s extremely durable and you will like its great attention to detail.

Callaway XR 16 Overview


  • You get amazing air speed and durability
  • The look is unique and different
  • It feels great, you have a powerful grip
  • Very easy to adjust


  • Some shots might be lost in the wind
  • The spin can be a problem for some people


The head shape is very strange, especially if you focus on golf for beginners.

But you will get used to it very soon because this helps boost the launch angle and it also moves the center of gravity lower and also further back. 

The club ends up being very forgiving, and the results themselves are very impressive too.


We like the fact that this Callaway XR 16 driver has A grade titanium. It’s rather light and that means you will have great grip and shooting power, not to mention impressive accuracy. The club length is around 45.75 inches, so pretty long and good even if you are taller.

The swing weight is D3 and you are able to adjust the face angle and loft too, which is very important.

The graphite shaft types are unique, powerful and they truly deliver all the efficiency and support that you may need in a very good package and with tremendous results. The shaft flex can be X stiff, regular, stiff, light and so on.

The unit also has a raised area on the crown in order to shape the airflow. You also have redesigned internal ribs that make the club more stable too. And since the club face is 19% thinner when compared to other models, you will get a lighter body. That means the ball speed is faster and the convenience you will receive will be second to none all the time.

Based on our shooting experience with this product, it’s a solid product. You do need a proper golf swing to make it work the way you want, but it’s certainly reliable, very efficient and also extremely durable for what it is.

The sound retains that great Callaway tradition. It’s not extremely powerful, you get to hear that satisfying click and it’s very reasonable especially if you want to focus on golf for beginners.

Final Words

The Callaway XR 16 driver is a stellar investment if you are serious about golfing. Provided that you have a proper golf swing, this will give you all the value and efficiency that you want without losing its sound or the great properties.

The head shape might seem strange, but the product works great, it looks amazing for what it is and you should totally check it out if possible.

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