Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver Review

OMG! I love this driver so much. The Cleveland golf clubs are always a pleasure to use and they are very reliable and durable.

They bring you a proper golf swing, and their drivers are extremely accurate. 

When we heard that the Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver came to the market, we were very excited by its features and what it promised. And for the most part it seems to deliver its promise.

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver Design

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver design

The Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver has a very deep face, you will notice that right from the start.

On top of that, you have a shift from the retro styling that you had until now to a completely black finished and a single alignment dot on the all black finish.

The head-cover is cool and it certainly lives up to the product name and features.



  • Large deep driver face
  • Very forgiving
  • Optimal center of gravity
  • Premium aftermarket Miyazaki shaft


  • The sweet spot performance can vary
  • Takes a bit of getting used to

Thanks to the Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver you have great adjustability and the product fits great into the modern tunable drivers.

Everything is super easy to adapt and adjust, and the features alone are well worth the price of admission too.

You can choose the shaft, the swing weight and a lot of other features here too. The adjustable hosel can be moved to 12 different settings here.

That really makes it very convenient and a pleasure to adapt to your own playing sessions without that much of a problem.

We like the fact that rotating the shaft will optimize the alignment of the face to around 2.25 degrees open or closed.

It gives you more liberty and the experience itself is very rewarding.

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

Based on my experience you get the optimal center of gravity without having to place a lot of pressure on the product and the way it works, which is what you really need here.

As a result, you get a penetrating flight and a higher launch, great for accurate shots.

Another thing to note about the Cleveland driver is that you have the premium stock shaft Miyazaki.

shaft Miyazaki

This will adds a mid-high trajectory and great speed, which is exactly what you would expect from a driver like this all the time.  

Since it’s very important to retain accuracy and focus on that perfect shot, it will really pushes the boundaries and makes things work a lot better than you might imagine.

Even the enhanced variable face thickness tech will help boost the ball speed, while also bringing some forgiveness even if the shot is not accurate.

Final Words

Based on my experience, the Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver is a stellar driver with some great features.

It’s forgiving for beginners, but at the same time it brings in great accuracy for experts too. 

We didn’t lose accuracy at all with it. On top of that, it’s bringing that deep face for proper ball flight. And the feel is impressive too.

Overall, we found the Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver to be at the top. 

It’s very good, reliable and professional. And if you want a powerful driver, you can’t go wrong with this one

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