Cobra King F8 One Length Iron Set Review

Cobra King F8 is an amazing set of irons that offers players perfection of only one swing for all irons in the bag, but from this year these irons are also available in all classic lengths as well.

If you’re golf newbie, you might find it extremely useful, as this set relies on advanced cutting-edge iron  technology and provides consistency and easy-to-hit irons.

Key Features

  • Carbon Feel Technology Inserts
  • E9™ PWRSHELL™ Face Technology
  • Wider Soles
  • Milled Grooves
  • Progressive Spin Tech


E9™ PWRSHELL™ Face Technology has a thin forged face that is 20% thinner than the previous series.

This set promotes higher performance allowing higher ball speed all over the area of the face. For the result, of course, incredible distance and forgiveness.

Main Carbon Feel Technology Inserts improve the performance of the player thanks to the soft feel during the game. The Carbon Fiber constructions decrease the vibrations and lower the sound after the impact which creates more pleasant sensation throughout the set than other iron sets.

The Progressive Spin Tech enhances the trajectory of the ball and provides optimum spin from all the irons and wedges in the set.

The long and mid irons have a low center of gravity which helps players to achieve high-flying shots.


  • Incredible distance
  • One length set for improved striking
  • Powerful feel
  • Extraordinary consistency of distance shots


  • Missing the shelf appeal of past Cobra iron sets


Cobra King F8 is a set of irons with an improved design that guarantees forgiving and playable heads.

The combination of progressive hosel lengths and wide soles lower the CG and allow the player to achieve longer and higher trajectories in the 4-6 irons while it increases the center of gravity in wedges to provide lower and controlled trajectories of the ball.

For golf beginners who still haven’t developed a proper swing and grip, these irons will be the number one ally in helping the game development.


Another factor that Cobra King F8 masters with this set is the distance. Thanks to the milled grooves the spin is reduced, and optimum distance is achieved.

Approach shots in 8-PW irons in this set have more accuracy than ever due to the cavity back structure.

The milled grooves also contribute to higher control of the swing and precise launching.

The face design of these irons includes variable thickness which means that the sweet spot space is increased, and higher launch can be achieved.

This kit adds progressive spin technology to the design and allows players to show better results without any hard work.


When talking about high-quality iron set, we must include King F8 as it offers durable and relatively affordable irons that can serve the players in the long term.

Designed with advanced technologies that provide immediate improvement of the game, this set is what every beginner need to consider as a priority.

If you want to practice drills successfully, then don’t hesitate to purchase this mega set that will change your golfing life forever.

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