How To Increase Club Head Speed For Seniors

Are you struggling with distance? 

Do you want to know how to increase club head speed for seniors?

Many senior golfers find it hard to get the desired speed. You can blame the age and normal health deterioration associated with aging.

As we age, we lose body flexibility and strength. Once you reach a certain age, you will not be able to hit the ball the way you were doing one decade ago.

You need to understand your body. Take all the preventive measures to minimize the impact of aging.

Also, you should consider some equipment that might be effective to increase your club head speed.

2 Tips For Seniors To Increase Club Head Speed

senior golfer exercise

1. Understand Your Body 

Our body slows down with age. As a result, we cannot do all the activities easily and comfortably that we were doing a few years back.

You might face difficulties while running, riding, and exploring the adventure.

If you love playing golf, you might feel disheartened since you cannot achieve the distance and speed. You might do many of your favorite things.

But it will demand more time and effort. Understand your body and accept reality.

Once you get that your body is becoming weak with time, you might be interested in taking some preventive measures to make your body capable of fulfilling your unique interests.

You know your body is not as flexible as it was before. It does not have that strength. However, it is still capable of meeting your daily ends.

You might not swing the golf club the way you are hitting before. But, you can enjoy golf and try your best to create your space. You need to adjust your mind with your changing body condition.

You are here means you are fully dedicated and committed to performing beyond your age. Your determination and desire will work in your favor. 

We will make it easier by enabling you to understand your weakness and how to overcome them.

In the current condition, you can find many programs designed to increase the speed of senior golfers. You can take the example of the PGA of America. It says "Tee It Forward". 

It will motivate you to understand your skills and play the right tee that meets your skills level without feeling discouraged. You might not be able to play the back tees since it will be too long for you.

So, you will have to choose the tee depending on your body flexibility and age. You cannot perform the same at the age of thirty and seventy. There will be a great difference in your energy level, flexibility, strength, and confidence.

Seniors To Increase Club speed tips

2. Focus on the Equipment

You can improve the speed and distance by focusing on the equipment in addition to body flexibility. Now, many different types of equipment pieces are available to boost your confidence.

As revealed by certified fitters, seniors prefer to sell their clubs since they find it too big. They like to set sweet spots generally on the clubface near the club toe. However, if you set sweet spot just near the toe, it will be hard to square a club up.

As a result, you might achieve bad swings. We can say that these clubs are not designed for you. They might make you feel bad since you will not be able to perform your best.

So, you will have to act smart and put the sweetpot just in the middle instead of the near the toe.

These are a few things you need to consider to increase the distance and enjoy your game more without being bothered by the age-related issues.

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senior golers Equipment clubs

We have noticed that women golfers perform better in their old age. They enjoy their game more than their male counterparts.

You might be thinking that why women are not affected by age-related mobility and strength issues. They go through similar conditions.

But the equipment and the setting in the course work in their favor. Everyone enjoys the game and hit better. 

The reason behind such performance is the setting in women golf clubs. They have smaller heads with lighter grips and shafts.

Also, these are not long. All these arrangements help them to perform better in their old age.

Once you lose speed, you will need more practice. More practice in the sense that you will need to work on the loft with the right weight and right shaft.

Senior golfers should understand that they should work on the loft by using smaller heads. 

It will help them to boost the swing. You need to focus on two things to perform better in your old age. These are more loft and smaller heads.

When you realize that you can hit more dependable, longer, and straighter, you should feel confident in performing like a certified fitter.

What Affects Your Performance Once You Reach Certain Age?

The key objective of a golf player is to hit a ball far off the tee. You want to achieve this whenever you play your favorite game.

You might be the best performer when it comes to distance and speed. However, as you age, you will start losing your confidence since the distance will be shorter.

Even if you try hard, you might notice any improvement.

In this section, we are covering the causes that affect your driving distance, how age affects your golf performance and how to deal with such problems.

1. Pain

Pain is a part of our life. While playing golf, you might have experienced mild to severe pain many times.

However, the pain will be more and more, days after days. The nagging ache or soreness in your shoulder will make it difficult for you to cover the desired distance.

Many of your counterparts will be going through a similar condition. They will be trying hard to get the distance that they were achieving a few years back.

The golf swing demands power and energy. If you lack both, you will not be able to get the desired golf driving speed.

For a swing, you will have to move in three different motions accurately and continually with speed. While doing so, you might experience pain in your shoulder.

You might say that it is experience pain that comes with age, and you will have to live with this pain. When there will be lingering pain in your shoulder, you cannot perform your best.

So, first, you will have to address the pain. In the current condition, you will find many practical ways and techniques to eliminate the pain.

When there is no pain, you can notice a significant improvement in your speed. It is achievable, and you need to know how to do it right.

To eliminate the pain, first, you will have to find out the exact source and causes. Please take all the adequate measures to heal the problem since it is the key reason to lose the distance.

Once you treat the pain, you will notice differences in your thought as well as performance. It will improve the quality of your life.

senior ache pain

2. Poor Mobility

Mobility issue is common in old age. You might find it hard to touch toes and reach the back seat of your vehicle.

If you stress hard, you might experience pain. If you are a regular golf player, the impact will be more on certain areas of your body.

The most affected areas are your upper back, hips, shoulders, and neck. When you will not be able to move these four parts easily, you cannot get the desired speed.

The best golfers across the world try their best to improve the movement in those four key areas. If you are thinking that you are heading towards old age and you cannot improve the movements after a certain age, you will have to change your perception.

You can improve the movement in almost all the parts regardless of age. You need to understand the cause and address the issue immediately. With improved mobility, you can make life much easier for you.

It will not only help you to increase the driving distance, but it can also be effective to perform better in other sports and physical activities.

  • You will have better balance and more strength. 
  • You do not need to try hard effort to improve the movement.
  • You can simply spend five to ten minutes on some specific exercises every day to fix mobility issues completely. If required, you can take the help of experts.

They are the best persons to help you with fast and lasting solutions. You are going to love the outcome.

3. Loss of Energy

Getting old (Ageing) comes with many health issues. 

If you do not take care of your body much before the time, you might experience a lot of health issues when the time goes by.

You will have less power and energy.

Without the required strength, you cannot achieve the golfing score, swing speed or driving distance.

So, you will have to build your muscle strength. Here again, your age will not be a hurdle.

You need to know which exercises and food can be sufficient to improve your muscle strength.

Many senior golfers are following different types of diets and exercises to gain muscle strength and power in their old age.

Any senior golfers can get the muscle strength up; they might not face difficulties to increase the distance.

It would be best if you did not try to achieve anything overnight. Make it slow and gradual to boost your muscle strength.

That will ultimately help you to restore your overall confidence as well as speed.

Other Ways & Drills to Increase Club Head Speed (Senior Golfers)

Now you are aware of the causes that affect the distance as you age. Also, you know how to deal with those limitations. Next, we will focus on a few things that you can consider to increase the speed.  

So, first, work on your body's limitations, and then you can try other things to maximize the benefits.

1. Try Whoosh Drill

You might have come across this term. You will have to focus on the timing to increase the distance. Many golfers try their best to increase the speed without knowing the exact cause of losing speed.

You can consider the whoosh drill to hone your swings skill as well as the release timing. You can research the drill and practice every day to notice the difference. The whoosh drill can be effective for all levels of golfers regardless of their age.

2. Get Proper Grip

You might find it hard to fix the grip. But you will have to do a constant effort to fix the grip since it can help to solve many issues related to speed, hooks, slices, and impact problems.

If you can fix the grip, you will be able to release the club with the right impact. That will help to achieve the highest distance at the right time.

3. Focus on Fitness

A fit body can make a lot of things easier for you. More importantly, it is not hard to achieve a fit body even if you are heading towards old age.

Follow a healthy diet and do workouts every day to strengthen your body or torso that will give you the power to increase the distance.

A few basic torso exercises that include Wood Chop and Tubing Punches will make your chest and hips strong and flexible. Both these will boost the speed.

Wrapping Up

Aging is inevitable. It is a part of every life. You will have to prepare yourself to age gracefully.

If you are a golfer, you can make the game easier by developing some healthy habits. 

A healthy diet and workouts will not only increase your distance, but they can also be effective to minimize the effects of aging.

Focus on the flexibility and mobility issues and accept the fact that you cannot perform the way you were performing a decade's back.

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