MAZEL Single Length Irons Set 4-SW 9 Pieces Review

This one is definitely one of the top choices when it comes to beginner golfers and affordable prices.

MAZEL Irons Set is actually suitable for any level thanks to its 100% graphite shaft that offers consistent swing and feel for each shot.

With this set of irons, you can improve your performance significantly, and it comes in both, right and left-hand orientation. 

These stainless steel irons are perfect for long distance shot and provide tremendous accuracy thanks to the large sweet spot of the club head.

The main reason why this set is often recommended to golf beginners is that it features 9 pieces, including 4,5,6,7,8,9, PW, AW, and
SW which will allow you to improve your game and work on every segment of the game.

Key Features

  • Large sweet spot
  • Improved accuracy
  • Lower gravity center provides easy launch
  • The 9 irons are easy to hit
  • High-performance rubber grip


MAZEL Golf Individual Iron for Men

Thanks to the low gravity center, these irons are extremely easy to use, especially if you are interested in long distance.

A great swing is provided by the specially-designed graphite shaft which is a number one choice of many players.

Mazel Irons Set is one of the best choices for golf beginners who are looking to improve their accuracy.

Thanks to the high-performance rubber grip, these irons allow players to practice drills like never before, and plus at an extremely affordable price that includes 9 specially-designed pieces.


  • Improved performance and accuracy
  • Large sweet spot
  • 9 pieces suitable for any level
  • Single length irons provide easier play


  • As in many other sets, the harsh sound is what gives MAZEL negative points


Another reason why Mazel Iron Sets can be a perfect choice for someone who’s just entering the golf world – forgiveness. 

Thanks to the wider soles, you get more forgiveness which means that you will have fewer chances for bad swings and poor ball contact.

The sweet spot on the club head is also large, which will put an end to poor contact with the golf ball.


The low center of gravity allows easy launching of the ball, followed by a high, straight, and distant flight.

The improved accuracy on these irons makes them suitable for golf players who seek for better performance when it comes to distance.

These irons provide better grip and swing which leads to a larger trajectory of the ball.

Plus, all 9 pieces are the same weight and length, which may be awkward at the beginning, but after getting used to them, you will gain more distance, especially on the wedges.


According to the extremely low price that you can purchase this set at, we consider it to demonstrate descent quality, especially that it features 9 pieces.

If you are entirely new to this sport and you need affordable equipment to start practicing, then Mazel Iron Sets will do just fine.

However, depending on your game, these irons can last you for quite a while, until you improve your performance and you feel it’s the time to upgrade your irons.

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