PGM Women’s Golf Glove Review

For the most part of my golfing career, I have been using big brand golf gloves. Do you know, you need to be extremely careful with your gloves as far as material, size, and overall feel are concerned.

The gloves become too sweaty too soon and if they are not the right fit, you are going to feel something as you tighten your grip on the golf club for making a shot. 

In this light when I had the chance to try out PGM women's gloves, I was amazed at the quality and comfort that it brings to my golfing experience. The gloves come in a pair for its price, which is reasonable at around $15.

I gave it a try and it was a perfect fit. It was comfortable to wear and stayed it that way throughout my golfing day. Although I have a few suggestions to make these gloves still better, I must admit it offered me an excellent grip on the club. 


PGM Women’s Golf Glove


  • Well-designed, strong & durable
  • Offers a strong grip on the club
  • Sweat vents to keep your hand dry
  • Particle design for better grip 

PGM Women Golf Glove comes in a pair. They are available for right and left hands. They are comfortable and perfectly-fit gloves for women golfers.

The product is available in 4 color combinations: blue, white-blue, pink-white, and white-pink. Sizes available include Small to Xtra Large.

  • You get complete control over your fingers due to its ergonomic tailoring
  • Sweat vents built in the gloves
  • Hassle-free performance during the game
  • Extra grip power due to particle design feature
  •  Professionally designed
  • Microfiber fabric that promotes breathability
  • Balance between stability and flexibility

These are high-quality gloves that give excellent performance on the golf course. No matter when you choose to put a glove on, these are the kind of gloves that will not let your hands sweat.

You can choose and execute your shots with perfection. These are nice gloves available in 4 different color combinations. A single piece of glove weighs 2.82 ounces. This pair of lady golf gloves are a combination of thoughtful design and superior craftsmanship.

Although some reviewers complain that the gloves do not fit on large hands. They seem to be designed y the Asian hands.

 But my review reveals that these gloves fit true to size. They are very well designed and manufactured. The quality, style, fit, and size - all seem to suggest these gloves are for both professionals and amateur golfers.

Wish it had more a little padding

As a lady golfer, I feel the gloves should have a little extra padding or the material should be a little thicker near the fingers and the hand. This is to avoid blisters or callousness in our hands which can be an important concern for many women golfers.

This is one of the ways how women golf players are different from men golf players. Some manufacturers also have small button marker balls on the gloves that absorb the shock that a golf club gives to your hands after making the shot.

PGM Women Golf Glove can improve its quality by having these features.


Great value for money

But after those minor issues, these are perfectly well-designed and well-produced golf gloves. At $15 for a pair, they are not overly expensive but you can find a single glove in the range of $5.

These gloves have strong a strong structure and built. You can wear them game after game and they stay as good as new. After a few wearing, you will find that these gloves are worth the money you have bought them for.


The primary task of a golf glove is to offer a firm grip on the golf club. On this count, PGM Women Golf Glove is a high-quality product.

The grips on the glove are very strong and effective. But at the same time, the glove is not spoilt by an over-gripping feature.

The glove holds up well. My gloves have a tendency to break and tear at palm and thumb. But this one seems to be a sturdy one as it is still holding up well after a few months into the game.


Finding the right size of hand gloves for women golfers is hard, especially in women's size. Many a time, I had to make do with a men's glove. PGM Women Golf Glove has efficiently filled this gap. Now, I am happily recommending this glove to fellow women golfers.

Although some reviewers have complained that the gloves run smaller than their desired length. Even XL size fits snugly. For me, the glove fits perfectly.

When you place your order, you better do a good measurement of your hand and check with the product specifications to know the right size for you.

A good size golf glove will protect your hand well. 


PGM women's golf glove can be washed. You should remove the gloves between your shots to avoid sweating in your hand. After the game is over, you should leave the gloves a few days in the open and warm areas to dry off well.


Final Words

When we take all the above points into account and look at this product in totality it is quite obvious that this could be one of the most perfect golf clubs that could come at the price range at which it is available.

It has all the ingredients and manufacturing standards to make it as a fantastic buy. The best thing about this golf club is that it also has won the appreciation and liking of professional golfers.

Compared to the previous few models, there have been quite a few changes that have given it a special status. For example, the hooves have been increased and this helps in better stroking and the distances can also be controlled.

There are lesser chances of strokes and hits overshooting the target. It certainly brings in quite a bit of versatility and this is something that makes it quite different from other such products in the market.

It is also reasonably priced and it also comes with the usual warranty and guarantee terms and conditions.

Therefore when we take all these factors into account, we have many reasons to believe that the end-users will be investing in a good product that walks the talk as far as various parameters are concerned.

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