What Is a Golf Scramble? Don’t worry. We got you covered!

A golf scramble is known to be the most popular and common game format of a golf tournament.

In this match, four players take part and hit their respective balls throughout the gameplay. The team captains select the best shot from the very first stroke and use that spot for each player. After finishing one round, the team plays another stroke where one spot is selected and each player plays from that location only. This process keeps going until all the holes are used.

The scramble game format is mostly played for charity events because of the lack of pressure of achieving high scores and easy to follow rules.

The rules for playing a scramble format are quite informal and can be modified according to the likes of the organizer. Sometimes, the match can even allow the players to strike two tee shots because of the informal rules.

You can say that, scramble golf format doesn't have any official set of rules and regulations. They can be adjusted and modified according to the situation and the wish of the organizer.

The Rules For Playing Golf Scramble

Golf Scramble Rules

Below are the common informal rules for playing golf scramble :

All the players are free to enhance their lie by not more than one club-length throughout the green, excluding the hazards.

And if the best shot of a team falls on hazards such as water or sand, they have to play from that spot without moving anywhere. 

This simply means that players will not take the benefit from one club length in case their ball falls on hazards like sand, water etc.

Throughout the tournament, all the players of a team begin by tee-ing off on every hole before deciding the best tee by mutual agreement.

The team captain then decides the best shot which is mostly the longest shot on the fairway. Once the location for the second shot is decided, it can be marked as visible.

Each player then strikes his ball from the selected spot and plays like that until the lowest score for that hole is obtained. After that, a new hole is selected and the entire process is repeated for it until the end of round. The scores are determined by striking the hole.

There is only one ball and for this reason, only one score per hole is counted for each team.

The highest score for each hole is summed up before calculating the rating of a team from the total number of best shots. 

The team that has obtained the lowest total score for that round is then declared as the winner of the gold scramble tournament.

Moreover, if there is a tie in the scramble golf, organizers decide the winner by drawing a random hole number and determining the lowest score of a team for that hole.

For example, hole number 5 can be drawn randomly to break the tie. If the score is still tied after this, the organizer keeps calling for progression until the tie is broken.

Best Strategies For Playing Scramble Golf

Strategies For Playing Scramble Golf

The most important thing in a scramble golf match is selecting the right playing order. This is because no player is perfect at all the stages of the game.

So, by deciding the playing order, a team can achieve the best results by using the best qualities of each player. 

If you want to win the golf scramble, your strategy should be to allow the weaker player to strike first and allow the best players to putt at the last for each green. This is because, even if the first three players miss the hole, the last player will strike the best shot.

Next, while selecting which ball to strike first, go for the ball that has the best lie and the view to the hole. In a golf scramble, the game is won by obtaining the least strokes at a particular green. The player whose drive is chosen as the hit should be the first on another shot.

Generally, a team in scramble golfing has excellent putters, players who are great at tee and one all-rounder player of the group.

To win a game, a team should have a golfer who hits long and the one who hits very accurately.

Most of the time, the accurate golfer is allowed to strike first and set the ball in the fairway. Then, the player who hits the longest goes with less pressure to strike the ball. 

Also, the players who need to improve their tee shots are sent somewhere in the middle. 

The combination of long balls and the forward tees usually take the team closer to achieving the lowest score and winning the tournament.

In the same way, the worst putter should be allowed to hit at first place and then the second-best putter should play the second shot and finally the best putter should hit at the last.

When the ball is still on the greens, the outstanding putter should be allowed to play at last so that they can hit with full accuracy.

Different Scramble Golf Variations Or Formats

1. Florida Scramble 

Florida Golf Scramble format includes the players whose ball was chosen after each shot to sit out the next shot. Thus, one player of the team skips each shot that is played excluding the drive of each hole.

2. Texas Scramble 

This is a simple scramble golf format which is very close to the regular one in which there are four team members and informal rules. But it differs from the regular scramble tournament from the fact that team members need to contribute a minimum of four drives during the entire series.

3. Las Vegas Scramble 

This format involves 4 teams and uses a six-faced die. A dice is rolled at each hole during the round to decide which player's drive will be used for that particular hole.

4. Ambrose

Ambrose version of scramble, a scramble is combined with a handicap of the team. This means, you'll be playing by using the total scores based on your team's handicap.

5. Bramble

This format of the scramble combines the best ball and the scramble. The match begins with a player playing the scramble of a team. From this point onwards, each player plays for himself for a hole.

Other Useful Information On Formats 

Choosing the right format while planning a golf tournament is very crucial. This decision can make or break the event.

Most of the time, a match determines the scramble golf format to increase the speed of the game, especially when the handicap players are playing. In such cases, the format set up by the organizers is less welcoming and intimidating to the players at different skill levels.

For this reason, this format is liked by the casual players who don't wish to play a full round with their own balls.

But, the players with great golfing skills and some excellent handicaps may find the game unfair and uninteresting because their chances of winning are lowered to a significant level. This is because they are alone in contributing to the team effort.

The scramble golfing format is most suited for the group of casual players, novices and non-golfers. It is also great for fundraising and charity events by offering a decent content while keeping the gaming atmosphere less competitive and laid-back.

Information On Golf scramble Formats

When it comes to organizing a scramble tournament, it is important to form the teams carefully with one good golfer in each team in order to keep the game flowing and interesting.

If a team has all the worst players while another has the best ones, the game will become boring and predictable. So, it is important to mix and match the teams smartly to keep the flow of good shots constant.

However, at the same time, there are no hard and fast rules for playing the handicaps in a tournament. This simply means, the organizer of the tournament is free to set the rules, regulations and the guidelines for the handicaps.

Scramble handicaps can play by a team of 2, 3 or 4 golfers where all players start by teeing off and then select the best drive.

Generally, a 4-member scramble features the players determining their handicap course and using 5,10,15 and 20 per cent of the course handicap and summing them together.

Similarly, a 3 member scramble feature picking 10,15 and 20 per cent of the course handicap and the 2 member scramble includes taking 15 and 35 per cent of th3 handicap course and sum it up together.

Secret Tips for Winning a Golf Scramble

The best thing about a scramble tournament is, every player gets a fair chance to win the play. However, just like any other game, a golf scramble also has some few secret tips for winning. Below, we have compiled a few tips using which you can increase your winning chances to the maximum.

1. Have A Woman Golfer In Your Team

Sounds weird? Well, that's what you can do to increase your winning chances. Get a woman player in your team, especially someone who hits very long.

This is because, female players regardless of their driving distance and handicap can take benefits of the forward tee, all thanks to the golf rules.

Therefore, you can easily get a 10 to 60-yard advantage on each hole by having a woman player who can hit the long ball. The combination of long ball and forward tees takes you very close to the lower score which in turn determines your winning.

Secret Tips for Winning a Golf Scramble

2. Lie Is Extremely Important 

When it comes to selecting the ball for hitting during starting shots, avoid picking the one that is very close to the whole. It might be very intimidating but simply ignore it and pick the one with the best lie and view. Your ultimate goal if going to be approaching the green in the minimum number of strokes. Also, hitting right from a tree might give you an advantage of 20 yards, the fairway is the best for striking the ball as it offers a breezy swing and offers greater chances for your ball to land across the hole.

3. Send The Worst Player First 

If you want to win the tournament then keep your ego aside and determine the worst and best players of your team honestly and send the weaker ones to hit the ball first. This is because even if all three players miss their chance, you'll still be left with the best putter to keep the game on.

Another reason is, if the first player himself putts, he will be highly motivated and will keep the team spirit pumped up and high.

4. Put The Team Together 

Generally, there are two important positions to fill in the first place. The first one is selecting a long hitter with a forward tee and second is selecting the best putter. Most of the time, the tee shot makes it easier to get the ball close to the hole which in turns increases your chances of winning but ultimately putting is the main deciding factor. If you want to win the game, you will need to make each putt that should or shouldn't make.

Another player requirement calls for a person who has the ability to hit the ball right in the fairway. For this, don't pay attention to the length, consider the accuracy. This will free you from the task of finding a power hitter. Because if no one is in the fairway, even a power hitter will not be helpful.

As we already discussed, the best scramble teams are the ones that have at least one strong female player. She can provide you with 10 to 65-yard advantage by simply driving from the forward tees. So, if you get a chance, include a female golfer in your team.

Moreover, you should also ensure that minimum three out of four players have a chance of striking the green from about 150 yards. Finally, one player should be a strong iron, he should be able to play from any spot of the green.

5. Frame Your Playing Strategies

As we already mentioned, selecting the right playing order is crucial for winning the scramble tournament. Keep in mind that a player can't be perfect in all the phases of the game. So, the best option is to decide a playing order. The secret here is to plan two separate orders, one order for putts and another one for remaining shots.

Allow the most accurate member off the tee to go first. His job will be to put something in the playing duration. Let him strike his club off the tee in whichever way he wants to get the ball in the fairway. Keep in mind, the more balls in the fairway, the higher chances of winning. Send your longest hitter at the last because this time there will be no pressure on him as 2 to 3 balls are already in the fairway.

Send the second best putter at the second shot and the best putter at last. While it may seem a little bit awkward, this is by far the best strategy for a scramble. Always allow the weaker player hit the ball first because the longer they wait for their turn, the more pressure will hover on them.

Allow all the players to putt on each hole, even after the putt has been made. In this manner, everyone will stay interested in the game. Otherwise the best putter can go for long stretches without making any putt. And when you need them, you'll be disappointed to find out that they haven't putt in 4 or 6 holes

If you're the team captain, always select the less difficult shot by the mutual agreement from your team members. In this way, every player will be comfortable in playing that shot.

This is also true for putting. For instance, a 15 or 20 footer uphill with a little break is much easier than 8 or 9 footer downhill with many breaks. Moreover, at the time of putting, ask your team members to be aggressive, they should strike the ball with full power. This will increase the chances of a successful putt to a significant level.

Final Words

Golf is a great game that offers fun, entertainment and competition. But the scramble games provides you with an opportunity to show gratitude as it is mostly played for the charity and fund raising events.

Sure, you'll be able to write your victory with your name or could win a gift card or a pack of golden golf balls, the happiness and satisfaction you'll get when your name is written with some charity cause will be much greater.

The smile you'll bring to the faces of people will be a great memory for a lifetime.

So, play the game with full spirit without worrying much about winning or losing the game. Follow these simple guidelines and make the most fun out of your game.

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