Wilson Staff D7 Irons Review

Are you a golf lover who is in search of super game-improvement irons? You have arrived at the right place.

This article features a complete review of these superior quality clubs which are skillfully crafted by the Wilson Staff. Read on to find out the benefits.

This product is a huge advancement from the previous D200 golf irons set. Everything about this golf accessory is fresh and unique. The Wilson Staff has beautifully brought together the traditional appearance of a forged iron and game-enhancing distance.


Overview of Wilson Staff D7 Irons 

Wilson Staff D7 Irons


  • Great price, arguably the best value for its price in the game-improvement category
  • Deep and large cavity to produce more forgiveness on mishits
  • The very thin face on the 4- to 7-irons that are only 2mm thick to encourage ball speed
  • The high-quality clubfaces with a great look
  • Great hosel that is relatively long to help balance the head

What are the benefits of using this product?

If you are a young and inexperienced golfer, the forgiveness and the easy distance provided by these quality irons will surely steal your heart! The classic look and amazing performance of these clubs will make your game more enjoyable.

Great look

These irons have no power holes on its topline, unlike its predecessors, C200 and C300. Instead, it has a clear, smooth, matte-finished topline. The sleek, responsive face of the irons equips you to go for longer shots while enjoying an amazing feel.

The hosel has been improved to ease out the club adjustability. The present hosel length is longer than before and it is perfect for a quick and custom fit. The newly designed D7 Irons come with straighter lines and much-improved weighting, along with a cleaner topline.

Easy to carry  

These irons are conveniently sized. There is a simple and clean badging. These irons are easy to hold and not heavy at all. So, you can carry it easily wherever you go.

Impressive sound and feel

While using these irons, you will feel that they encourage a good tempo. The impact will give you a soft feel and emit a sharp �snap' with longer irons. The feel of solid contact from the center is authentic and generous.

The effortless feel of these specially built 7 irons, gives rise to an effective and powerful launch, along with the towering height. Its trajectory is highly impressive.

Aesthetically designed

With improved weighting, straighter lines, and a cleaner and much smoother topline, these irons sport the attractive appearance of a golfer's irons, along with the advantages of the Super Game Improvement Technology.

The advanced new head design of the D7 irons with low and back weighting works great in enhancing the dynamic loft. It lets you get the ball in the air very easily.

The unique design of these clubs has a great advantage. It lets you launch the ball much higher than the average height. The compact heads and the overall appearance of these clubs are extremely appealing.

The standard model of these clubs will give you better forgiveness. The bigger heads of the product are also appreciable.

Covers distance with precision

These irons can perfectly blend distance with precision. In the long irons (5,6,7), you will find three rows of power holes. These power holes are coupled with a thinner face so that you can achieve the maximum distance easily and much conveniently.

With the increase in the lofts, the focus changes to distance control. This has been done by removing the rows of the power holes.

Breathtaking performance

These well-equipped irons are fast as well as forgiving. Wilson Staff has received a lot of attention from golf enthusiasts as well as sports lovers, for providing remarkable sports equipment and impressive accessory options in the past few years.

These irons will help you strengthen the lofts. The product which is presently down at an angle of 28 degrees, is one of the strongest lofted irons available in the market.

The power holes, the RE-AKT technology, along the face thickness, equip this product will ample forgiveness and powerful distance coverages. The high trajectories on these irons are excellent for cleaning hazards and retaining greens when distance alone will not be sufficient.

The overall carry distance increased from 171 yards with the D300 to an unbelievable 186 yards with the new improved Wilson Staff D7 Irons. Though D7 irons have firmer shafts and stronger lofts, their peak height is higher than that of the D300 version.

Power Holes

The long irons of these clubs feature three rows of power holes. They are meant to maximize the distance. The shorter irons have lesser holes, providing a great feel and precision.

The Power Holes of these clubs' have been modified for the advanced forged heads. It increases the face deflection and also the contact time between the face of the iron and the ball. This results in increased ball speed and better distance coverage.

It also gives an extra pop when golfers need it the most. So, now you can get hold of a club having more energy as it returns to the ball struck.

RE-AKT Technology

The RE-AKT Technology applies power where it is required the most. Long irons of the Wilson Staff D7 Irons have a highly responsive face and include three rows of Power Holes. This helps in achieving the maximum distance.

The shorter irons of this product from the house of Wilson Staff has a lesser number of Power Holes. This provides optimal weighting and offers ultimate feel. They are perfect and ideal for precise distance control and for attaining high levels of accuracy.

Power Chamber Technology

The Power Chamber filled with urethane fills the Power Holes and the entire chamber lying at the back of the head. The Wilson Staff D7 Irons have been designed to reduce vibrations, giving you an amazing sound and feel.

With old age, you might experience a gradual loss of distance. Thanks to the team of Wilson designers for coming up with the club that would rekindle the golf memories of your younger days.


Final Words

The best part about these irons is that they are available at a budget-friendly price. Now that you are aware of the various features and the benefits of these irons, you should give it a try without thinking much about it.

The Wilson Staff D7 Irons will help you not only win matches but also the hearts of the spectators.

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